Tradcom provides translations from English and French into Catalan and Spanish, among other linguistic services.


Which translation or service do you need for your project? If you’re not sure, please get in touch with us.

General translation

We translate general documents for non-specialist readers (brochures, informative articles, promotional texts, etc.).

Specialised translation

We translate documents for specialists making sure to use the appropriate style and terminology.


Technical translations

(manuals, standards, etc.)


Legal translations

(contracts, certificates, wills, legal texts, etc.)


Financial translations

(reports, quotations, audits, etc.)

Sworn translation

As sworn translators, we certify with our signature and seal that a translation is an accurate and true rendering of the original. Sworn translations are officially appointed. In Spain, you often need sworn translations for public entities and the courts, although you may also need sworn translations of other legal and business documents (contracts, certificates, reports, notarial instruments, affidavits, birth certificates, etc.).

Summary translations for in-house use

We translate the essential content of business documents for internal use (emails, correspondence, offers, etc.).

Translation review

We check that the content of the original has been adequately rendered in the translation and fits the intended purpose. We also make sure the correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and style is used in the translation.


(Catalan & Spanish)

We make sure that the text is free of spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors and written in the appropriate style and register.

Tradcom Linguistic Services

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